Monday, February 23, 2009


I just created an Etsy account: Etsy Store to make my work more availble on-line.  Etsy is an nice site set up for artist to sell their artwork directly to the online collector.  Its similar to ebay, but without the bidding.  Payment for purchases is made directly to the artists and works on the honor system and feedback.

The depth of work on this site is amazing.  You can find paintings to jewelry to wearable art.  My friend Ruth Shively recommended this to me and she has some paintings for sale. She mainly paints portraits and has a very  distinct style. You can check out her site too.

For my first foray into Etsy, I listed an open edition bust of a jester.  In the next several days, I will post some more art for sale.   As an artist, most of you know my dolls, but I hope that I will attract collectors of my paintings.  I like to do portraits mostly, but I also enjoy painting portraits and still lifes. 

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