Saturday, February 14, 2009

Advice From a Wine Bottle

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams"--these words by Henry David Thoreau jumped out at me from a bottle of red wine on the top shelf in a local wine store. This quote was something I used to have written down in my studio, but over the years and several moves, it had disappeared. I was so surprised to see the quote on a wine bottle--needless to say I had to try it (a bit sweeter than I'm used to, but it was delicious).

The entire quote is much better--"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you have imagined.  As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler."

For me, this quote sums up everything I need to remember.  The journey is always riddled with distractions, confusion, self-doubt.  I try to remember just to keep moving -in the basic, general direction, however vague it may appear at times.

My hope is that this blog will be a vehicle for going forward in the general direction of my dreams as an artist along with others who are interested in the same.

Looking forward to the creative synergy.

Cheers, and thanks Henry.


  1. Welcome to the land of Blogs! All are sure to find inspiration here.
    Thank you Nancy, DCP

  2. Thanks for sharing this inspirational message. I am a budding doll artist and have just recently found myself in that weird place of "where do I show this work?" "what am I doing"? The Thoreau quote reminded me again to just do it and I will find my audience. I am attending the NIADA conference for the first time in Sept. so am really looking forward to being with other people who make figures. Thanks for sharing that you too have doubts etc, despite your success! Julie