Friday, March 30, 2012

Surprise New Studio!!!

A really wonderful painter walked in to my studio and offered me her space because she is moving to Maine.  I didn't see how I could refuse because of the beautiful light and it being three times larger than the space I have now (which I have really enjoyed, but have outgrown).  It was totally unexpected, but I am looking forward to a new chapter in such a calm, light filled space!


  1. Hello Nancy
    Your new studio looks amazing. I missed going to the grand opening of the Santa Barbara Doll Museum last year for your Alice in Wonderland dolls residing there. It must have been a wonderful experience for everyone who attended. I still want to go to the museum at some point...I'm in central California. AIW is my most favorite of all time children's books. I will never grow tired of the whimsical characters. I have seen the video you filmed of the making of those magical dolls. You outshine so many doll makers and capture the essence of each character you create.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH Teresa! You are very kind. The Quinlan museum is a really amazing place--I hope you get to see it some time! Nancy