Monday, November 14, 2011

Where Women Create Photo Shoot

Tiffany Kirchner Dixon, me, Jo Packham at my studio yesterday!  They could not have been more lovely!  We had so much fun.
Check out Tiffany's website and blog She is an amazing photographer and she has a great blog!!

Jo and Tiffany in the studio taking pictures of my set for my next book "Little Red Riding Hood". Jo's website is  We all went out to lunch with Tamara Stopinski and Amy Colburn but we forgot to bring a camera.  They will be having their studios photographed tomorrow!!


  1. It is so fun to have a peek into your beautiful studio! I can't wait to see the article in the wonderful magazine!

  2. Love your studio and looking forward to the article (& the new book)!

  3. Thank you so much Sarah and Janet!!

  4. Hello Nancy...may I come over to play? I will bring the cookies and pink lemonade....Congratulations...
    Have silly fun, Jody

  5. Yeah!! Jody--ANY time!! We would have a lot of fun together.

  6. Looking Great!! It has been so much fun helping you "host" the unbelievable team of Jo & Tiffany! Your studio is such eye candy! It is bright and colorful, yet complex and intriguing... just like you! lol The shot of the three of you looks like you are all stepping out from the big woods together! :) Hey, and thanks for the mention! You rock.

  7. So fantastic!!! What a wonderful opportunity! I absolutely love Jo and Tiffany!

  8. Oh, what fun! Tiffany is a hoot!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  9. Hey Amy, Taradara and "Little Red",

    I Have known Jo for many years and always admired her--she does so much and is still so down to earth and fun! And it was a real pleasure to meet Tiffany--I feel as though I have made a new friend!
    Thank you for commenting,


  10. Fairy tales are cool. I especially like Grimm's ...creepy and with a message