Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alice themed masquerade costume

I made this costume for an Alice themed costume party last night,  The Queen is a puppet and the cards heads come off when she gives her command "Off with their heads"



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  1. Hi Nancy! I love your work, including this great costume! I wanted to stop by and say hi, and thank you so much for being so kind to my 78 year old mom (at the Santa Barbara doll show this past weekend) and giving her your autograph. That was really sweet of you. (I grew up around dolls as she belonged to the Santa Barbara club and I went to the shows with her. Wish I could have gone to the show this year- since you were there- but I live in WA.!) But I will be sure and visit the doll museum there next time I am "home" to see your wonderful scenes. Hoping you have a great day, Kristi