Thursday, March 5, 2009

More finds from the past

Spring has arrived, at least for today.  My husband opened some boxes tucked away and discovered Andre and Chloe.   I did these in a very painterly manner - much like a portrait painting.  These childeren are romanticized Renaissance characters from long ago.  The busts are cast resin and painted with artist oil paints. Her hair is twine and her collar is a fine lace with a ribbon.  His jaunty chapeau is painted fabric and he has a ruffled lace collar.  The rest of thier outfits are painted on.  The bust and base are a single cast. The base is painted in a burnished gold for an antique look. Felt was applied to the bottom to protect the display's surface.

Both pieces are number 9 of 40 piece edition. It is signed and numbered on the back. They are 11 inches tall.  These are available at my ETSY store.

Please note that although the edition is 40, there are only several more pieces of both available as the molds were destroyed.

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